About Us

Nada Duele is a Guatemala-based lifestyle brand
focusing on home goods and accessories. It was
founded in 2019 by multidisciplinary artist
Giselle MacDonald in an effort to create unique
and sustainable pieces combining the essence of
Guatemalan craftsmanship and contemporary design.
Four years later, Product and Graphic Designer Mariano Orellana joined the team as a Creative Partner.

We work collaboratively with master artisans across Guatemala to create functional and multipurpose objects, ensuring craft preservation and job creation in this region. We believe in manufacturing beautiful, ethically made products that don’t cause any harm to anyone or anything during and after their creation process, hence the name Nada Duele (in Spanish, “nothing hurts”).

At Nada Duele, every product is a narrative of Guatemalan heritage and sustainability. Through our products and objects, we aim to bring the beauty, culture, and traditions of Guatemala into your home, while promoting a lifestyle that values and protects our environment.

Our designs are informed and inspired by avant-garde art movements such as Dadaism and Bauhaus, Mediterranean aesthetics, traditional craft, and natural textiles.